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GB113 - Comfort Release® Adhesive Transparent Dressings



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GB113 - Comfort Release® Adhesive Transparent Dressings

Comfort Release® Transparent Dressings
5 Dressings at 4.5" x 8.5"
Border: Nonwoven Film
3.5” x 7.5” Window: Thin PU Film
NO Alcohol Prep Pads included 

HCPCS: A6258

Made in the USA.

Use on partial-thickness or full-thickness wounds as a primary or secondary dressing. Designed for acute or chronic minimal exudating wounds, such as surgical incision sites, skin tears, cuts, lacerations and abrasions and to help prevent skin breakdown by friction. Works as a shower shield.

The center transparent window is made of a waterproof, highly breathable polyurethane material for better wound healing and skin health. This low-level adhesive transparent window is designed for securing tubing or a secondary dressing such as a foam, silver foam, non-stick gauze, collagen, or bioengineered skin substitute pads placed over the wound. Patients may bath or shower while Comfort Release® Transparent Dressings provide a waterproof, protective, breathable barrier over the wound bed. Comfort Release® low-profile dressing lays comfortably on the skin and helps to provide the right moisture balance to promote wound healing and cut down on periwound skin maceration.

The border is made of a nonwoven film with a strong acrylic adhesive. The acrylic is blended with a unique polymer to trigger an easy release from the skin. Wet the adhesive border with rubbing alcohol to trigger the adhesive to release, and you can remove the dressing without pain or discomfort.

Comfort Release® Dressings are designed for…

  • Children / Older adultsAnyone with sensitive skin, fragile skin, or thin skin
  • Anyone taking blood thinners, steroids or any medication that can affect your skin
  • Anyone who hates the pain of ripping off dressings 

Comfort Release® Transparent Dressings features and contraindications:

  • Easy to apply
  • Highly breathable (High moisture vapor transmission rate)
  • Water-proof transparent window
  • Triggered painless release
  • Eliminates skin injuries when properly removed
  • Strong acrylic adhesive skin bonding
  • May be left in place for 3 days, up to 7 days, depending on wound drainage
  • Contraindicated as a primary dressing on wounds with moderate to heavy drainage
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

For strong skin bonding apply to clean dry skin, free of soap residue, lotions, or oils.

Peel the release paper. Apply the dressing over the skin and gently press down on the dressing.

To remove: Simply wet the dry dressing border area with (isopropyl) rubbing alcohol. Use alcohol prep pads or cotton balls soaked with rubbing alcohol until sufficiently wet, then wait a few seconds until the dressing releases painless and trauma-free. The clear window film can be removed without discomfort due to its low skin bond.

After the alcohol evaporates, the adhesive border can be placed back down onto the skin, the adhesive bond returns.

Seek professional help for medical emergencies. Consult a physician for deep or penetrating wounds. If irritation or redness develops or persists, discontinue use, and consult a physician.

People with prior skin reactions to acrylic adhesives, skin burns, or allergic reactions to rubbing alcohol should not use Comfort Release®.

Do not use if the package is damaged. Do not reuse dressing.